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Fumigation with gaseous phosphine: a sustainable solution with proven effectiveness

If I told you about the benefits of a pesticide that contributes to seven UN Sustainable Development Goals, you'd laugh at me, wouldn't you?
A pesticide? Why not a nasty virus while you're at it? But I'm listening.
I'll start by telling you that it is a product only used to treat agricultural commodities that have already been harvested and put into storage. So it is not dispersed in massive quantities in nature, but rather spread very sparingly in sealed grain silos. Its use reduces the destruction of food, which is estimated at between 5% and 30% of the food stored in some countries! We are already avoiding a huge amount of waste, so I can tick off Goal #2 - "Zero Hunger".
Less waste mathematically means less pressure on agricultural production, and therefore less wasteful consumption of herbicides, fertilizers, conventional pesticides and associated energy consumption. I can therefore without hesitation tick off Goals #6 "Clean Water and Sanitation", #12 "Responsible Consumption and Production" and even #13 "Combat Climate Change".
(Gosh, this joker has already reached four goals in just two paragraphs... But with a frighteningly toxic product, he obviously won't go any further!)
Get a grip! When I explain that this product is suitable for replacing methyl bromide, a pesticide considered indispensable and therefore still authorised as an exception by the Montreal Protocol for almost 30 years for the treatment of agricultural products in large-scale intercontinental transport, despite its recognised impact on the destruction of the ozone layer, you will agree that I can add #14 "Life below water" and #15 "Life on land". Indeed, without this redemptive layer, life on our planet would quickly become impossible due to the bombardment of cosmic rays. And that's 6!
To cap it all, this product is already on the market. It is Phosphine PH3 in gaseous form, sold in reusable cylinders. Its exclusive distribution by specialised service providers, respecting rigorous implementation rules, guarantees optimal efficiency. Unlike other solutions, it does not leave any residue that degrades the treated foodstuffs, because after serving its purpose, the gaseous Phosphine evaporates without leaving any harmful trace. More and more countries in America and Asia have approved it after verifying its benefits through numerous tests. The European Union is interested, although fortunately it already banned methyl bromide more than 10 years ago.
Sir, I'd like to interrupt you, not another word, you have convinced me! Moreover, can I offer you this short contract to support you in the sale of this product, which everyone needs to know about, especially our Walloon exporters of grains, fruits and wood, who are struggling with a large amount of damage from insects during transport to the four corners of the globe.
High five! I'd sign this agreement with my eyes closed because this allows me to conclude my demonstration: my seventh Goal has been reached: #17 "Partnerships for the goals". QED


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