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Go GIRLS! Dare to take action, even in times of global pandemic!

After more than 20 years as a dynamic manager for international employers and clients such as AB InBev, Coca Cola, Danone and Dieteren, during lockdown I decided to become a freelancer. I had the desire to create my own brand and products according to my vision and values. That's how GREENFINITY was born. Through this project, I want to encourage more people to grow their own plants so they can reduce their impact on the environment while enjoying a healthier diet.

I encourage all women to achieve their dreams, believe in themselves and above all not be afraid. These are extraordinary times due to the pandemic, but I have faith in myself, in others and also in the future. Know that you are not alone, as there are many organisations that can support and guide you, such as Sowalfin, Chèques-entreprises, UCM and AWEX (if you wish to export).

And for my part, I know that I can also count on your support! Please subscribe to our newsletter to find out when and how you can support me with the launch of my Greenfinity design and ecological project:


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