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Hello dear travel friends !

As a Belgian of Russian origin, when I arrived in Belgium, in Wallonia to be precise, south of Brussels, where people speak French, I was struck by the combination of beauty, charm, elegance and the rural landscape of this region.
I was fascinated with the inhabitants, their stories, traditions and folklore.
I settled here for love and I have since become passionate about the authentic character of this beautiful region, with its hills and valleys, as well as the way of life of its inhabitants. 

Today, I am extremely proud and happy to be able to present its many hidden gems to you.  
Once you've experienced the hustle and bustle of cities like Brussels and Bruges, why not complete your journey in a genuinely warm and charming setting? Welcome to Wallonia!

Discover its many medieval villages, Baroque and Renaissance buildings, castles, citadels and abbeys, not to mention its gastronomy. Enjoy local specialities such as traditional Trappist beers, cheeses and culinary creations.  Awaken and tickle your taste buds with the wonderful dishes of our renowned chefs, some of whom even have Michelin stars. You will be amazed!

Just like you, the Walloons are all different but they all have the same unparalleled love and passion for their home. They will be happy to share this love and passion for their region with you through their eyes, hearts and emotions. Together with them I will guide you through wonderful places, some typical, others mysterious, some more elegant and festive than others but always surprising and unexpected.

Whether you are travelling on your own, with family or with friends, book your excursion on this website or on my Instagram and Facebook pages!
I look forward to welcoming you in Wallonia!

See you soon !

Galina Popovich


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