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Turkey and Azerbaijan to support you in the market

Azerbaijan has a workforce of 5.07 million people out of a population of 10 million (World Bank data). Its economy is based on oil and gas, steel, iron, chemicals, petrochemicals and textiles. Agriculture accounted for 5.2% of GDP and employed 35.8% of the population (World Bank). The main crops are wheat, barley, corn, fruit (wine grapes), potatoes, cotton, tea, silk and tobacco. The country also produces other potentially valuable crops, including native pink grapes and persimmon. A new online government platform will soon allow Azerbaijani farmers to sell their products.

Industry accounted for 52.2% of GDP and employed 14.4% of the working population (World Bank). In addition to petroleum products and their derivatives, Azerbaijan produces cement, machinery, cotton and food products. In the Azerbaijan Large-Scale Plan - 2020: Prospects for the Future Development Project, the Azerbaijani government seeks to more than double per capita GDP through non-oil industries.

Services accounted for 35.2% of GDP and employed 49.6% of the working population. Its dynamic service sectors include banking, construction and real estate. Situated in 9 of the 11 existing climatic zones, Azerbaijan enjoys a rather unique geographical position and major tourist potential. 2.9 million tourists visited the country in 2019 (State Border Service), representing 11% growth compared to 2018. The country's extensive salt sources are gradually being transformed into thriving spas. In addition, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan have reached an agreement to jointly prepare tourist guides with international statutes.


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