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Women in Trade South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique, Botswana, Eswatini and Lesotho

Export Trade Training Programme is a 8 week virtual programme that was designed to train and support 96 female entrepreneurs from South Africa, Mozambique, Lesotho, Botswana, Eswatini and Namibia, in exporting their products and selling them in foreign markets.

The Export Trade Training programme cover an accelerator bootcamp, 8 actionable modules, weekly group coaching sessions and access to 1:1 mentorship with expert mentors. The curriculum is designed to equip female entrepreneurs with critical skills and strategies to trade in a global market, increase the capacity of their businesses, and become sustainable business owners.


Coaching Academy is one of the expert mentor of this programme and we would like to introduce you two amazing women we meet in Mozambique


Virginia Paula Matshinte from Mozambique, owning a Fashion design and hand made african acessories company named Uzuri atelier

Instagram: @uzuriatelier  Facebook :@ UZURI atelier



Paula Ferro the founder of YAO CROCHET

Niassa is one of the most isolated provinces in Mozambique. Inhabitants of the Reserve are cut off from everything but the most basic subsistence economies, faced with few employment prospects,substantial social disadvantages, poor education, and limited access to healthcare. In addition to these issues, living within a conservation area, presents a constant challenge of human wildlife conflict, aswell as living under restrictions and requirements that are not applicable to outside of the Reserve.
The  goal of YAO Crochet Project, through making and selling crochet toys and designed crafts,to create employment and develop skills for women and girls living inside the Reserve. By giving them the tools to earn an income, they can become economically self-sufficient and improve quality of life for the communities within Niassa Reserve. Building capacity and access to legitimate livelihoods provides economic alternatives to the unsustainable illegal activities, such as poaching and illegal mining.
They also hope to Link Conservation and Art: using the training sessions as a platform to teach conservation and biology to the knitters, to improve their knowledge about their environment and the importance of living sustainably within Niassa Reserve.

Instagram: @yaocrochet Facebook:@yaocrochet


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