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Thanks to its processing capacity, geographical location and density of connections, the Walloon cargo airport has been selected by the World Health Organization as one of the eight global hubs for the transport of supplies to healthcare personnel.

"Our rare ability to work 24 hours a day was also a key factor in this decision," explained Luc Partoune, CEO of Liège Airport, which will now handle an additional 30 flights a week. This makes Wallonia the logistics hub for the whole of Europe, while China and Malaysia play the same role in Asia, South Africa, Ghana and Ethiopia in Africa and Panama in America. The WHO forecasts a monthly transit of 100 million protective masks and gloves, 25 million respirators, protective gowns and visors, and 2.5 million testing kits. That is a $280 million bill for storing and moving supplies.

This is wonderful recognition for the 5,000 workers at Liège airport, but also for Wallonia as a hub for European air freight.