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Francis Feidler ELASTICOMMUNICATION 1964 - 2020

Copyright Francis Feidler
Copyright Francis Feidler.

In East Belgium, the name Francis Feidler is synonymous with contemporary art. This is due to the fact that he founded the IKOB as the Art Centre of East Belgium and developed it into the modern-day Museum of Contemporary Art. On the occasion of our 27th anniversary, with this exhibition, IKOB not only celebrates the founder and long-standing director but also the artist Francis Feidler, who exhibited very successfully throughout Belgium in the 1980s and 1990s.

His works often refer back to a term he invented, "Elastic Communication", which visualises all aspects of human communication through the spiral form. For Feidler, everything is indeed "elastic communication" - including and above all the relationship of the viewer to the work of art.

The exhibition should be seen as a retrospective of Francis Feidler's artistic work, of which the founding of the IKOB is a part.

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