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Pop Art Very Chair

If you love art and enjoy unusual exhibitions, then "Pop Art Very Chair" is for you! From 15 August, you can visit the Liehrmaan gallery in Liege and discover the chair as a work of art. 25 artists, including Philippe Geluck, author of Le Chat, and Christian Dalimier, brand ambassador, have given free rein to their imagination to transform a chair in their own style... Changing from a simple object used in everyday life to an extraordinary work of art, it makes you curious, doesn't it?

List of artists:

• Mady Andrien
• Alain Bronckart
• Denis Bruyère
• Christian Cadeli
• Henry Caps
• Damien Carron
• Christian Dalimier
• Pauline Dubisy
• Xavier Embise
• Harry Fayt
• Sébastien Fedrigo
• Philippe Geluck
• Giuliana Gironi
• Go Jeunejean
• Olivier Lamoline
• Christophe Lardot
• André Louis
• Claire Mahey et Pierre-David ABT
• Adil Najib
• Noir Artist
• Guillaume Paps (Creahm)
• Dimitri Pichelle
• Lucien Rama
• Carmelo Sciortino
• Franck Slabbinck


Du mercredi au samedi de 13h à 18h30
Le dimanche de 11h à 13h
Fermé le lundi et mardi

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