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From 18 to 21 June, Waterloo will be the centre of the world!

We commemorate this year the bicentenary of the battle of Waterloo.
We commemorate this year the bicentenary of the battle of Waterloo.

From 18 to 21 June 2015, 5,000 uniformed re-enactors, 1,500 aides, 250 civilians in period costumes and 300 horses will recreate the Battle of Waterloo (in Wallonia). The re-enactors,of which there have never been so many in previous re-enactments, will be spread out across a huge area, equivalent to 22 football pitches, on land trodden by their ancestors 200 years ago.

It is the first time that the main protagonists – Napoleon, the Duke of Wellington, the Prince of Orange and Field Marshal Blucher – will all be represented. Another major first will be the presence of the prestigious Scottish Dragoons Regiment, the Scots Greys, which will be joining the ranks of the many thousand valiant re-enactors. This will be the first time that it ventures out of Great Britain.

The logistics required live up to the scale of the event. 3,500 kg of gunpowder, 100 canons, 52 nationalities, 3.5 km of road barriers, 100 bales of straw and hay, each weighing 300kg, 200kg of peat to hide the explosives, ... in addition to all of the technical installations ranging from two period tents for Napoleon and for the Duke of Wellington to the kitchens that will be producing 8,000 meals for the VIPs as well as supplying the stands for the 120,000 spectators that are expected to attend.

Unbelievable figures, which will ensure that the event achieves an unprecedented level of authenticity and fidelity to the original context, and guarantee a unique impression of being immersed in another world. This historic re-enactment of an epic event of the First Empire will be the only event on such a scale in the world.

Thousands of enthusiasts have understood the extent to which the occasion is totally unique and already over 50,000 of them, representing 29 different nationalities from around the world,will make the trip until Wallonia, from as far afield as Argentina, New Zealand, Japan and Russia!

Come and join them! Go to the site now and reserve your places.

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