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AMB Ecosteryl around the world

The Mons medical waste treatment and sterilisation company has been in great demand since the health crisis and has seen its innovative and ecological technology acclaimed around the world.

With its experience of epidemics, notably Ebola, AMB Ecosteryl instinctively contacted China at the very outset of coronavirus at the end of 2019 to plan stocks and produce machines.

Their technology has been accredited and purchased by major institutions such as the WHO, the United Nations Environment Section and the World Bank. Their machines are sold in some sixty countries on every continent, with the current exception of Belgium.

Put in the spotlight by the COVID-19 crisis, AMB Ecosteryl is becoming a possible stakeholder in the resolution of the health crisis. Today it is well known that local, sustainable solutions exist in Wallonia to treat and recycle hospital waste.

As the SRIW is part of its shareholding, the Walloon Region asked the company to develop a decontamination system for surgical masks and FFP2. The machine was operational in two months, with the support of several partners, including the University of Liège. The decontamination unit continues to operate and has enabled AMB Ecosteryl to win contracts as far away as the United States.

To anticipate future opportunities, the company's management has created a "diversification" department that will evaluate and explore ways to diversify the core business.

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