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Analis purifies the air!

Analis, a 90-year-old company based in Namur and the exclusive distributor of Novaerus air disinfection equipment, has received federal government approval for its air purification products. The portable devices use NanoStrike technology to inactivate airborne microorganisms on contact, providing the first line of protection against viruses and bacteria.

 A ministerial order came into force on 28 May requiring all companies involved in ventilation/air purification systems to submit more detailed information about their products. On the basis of the scientific data provided, the task force would then decide which products could continue to be marketed.

Analis submitted its application for authorisation in accordance with the procedure required by the Ministry of Public Health. Filip Hendrickx, CEO of Analis Development, called for clear and consistent rules - "It was important for us to work with the government on this. We needed to be able to reassure our many customers that the technology they have invested in is safe and effective. NanoStrike is an innovative technology that is essential in the current fight against COVID-19 and will play a significant role in safe and sustainable business recovery."

Analis is working hard to provide a solution that not only targets COVID-19, but also enables the use of safe and innovative air disinfection technology where indoor air quality is paramount.

Novaerus devices destroy airborne pathogens, such as the virus that causes COVID-19. These pathogens are inactivated when they pass through the device's plasma field, thus preventing any risk of infection. Novaerus devices are already widely used in hospitals, nursing homes and industries in Belgium. 


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