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EagleEye Systems delivers drones to the New Jersey police

Created in 2014, EagleEye Systems has just delivered drones to the New Jersey police. The specific feature of these drones is that they are programmed to be autonomous and intelligent and it is no longer necessary to guide them.

Geoffrey Mormal, EagleEye Systems' founder, is a technological wizard. The technology developed by this inhabitant of Liège has helped to find a child lost in the woods thanks to the drones, which the police force did not have to manage! Already having founded a company specialising in software development, consultancy and the development of artificial intelligence and financial projects and systems, after graduating, the young entrepreneur developed a functional system which enabled a drone to be used to produce a remote video, track cars, read registration plates and even implement facial recognition.

Very quickly, investors were so convinced by his project that the company now has offices in Wavre and Grâce-Hollogne, as well as a branch in New York. Geoffrey Mormal explains: "Our work is known to the American government services, and we have delivered a project to the New Jersey police. We have trained them and we work with them so that they can obtain their flight authorisation via a legal service. Our priority is to be able to meet the very high demand. We were not expecting such as boom." There is no shortage of projects for the young company with developments planned for the surveillance of pipelines in Saudi Arabia, the automated surveillance of photovoltaic panels and wind turbines in Europe, as well as the surveillance of animal parks in Africa.

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