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EyeD Pharma: innovative therapeutic solutions in Liège


EyeD Pharma, a start-up founded in 2012 from independent research by the University of Liège and a few private investors, is developing an innovative drug delivery system using a controlled-release intraocular implant.

Initially, the company's focus was the treatment of glaucoma, but the long-term goal is to develop implants to treat other conditions. The most advanced implant is currently in Phase 1 clinical trials. The other implants are still in the prototype and animal studies phase. The development time is long, because they are very long-acting.  This system requires about ten years of research before being validated then distributed. The implants, developed and produced at EyeD Pharma, are expected to be on the market around 2028.

As well as founding a sister company for the production of its intraocular implants, the rapidly expanding company is building a new 6,500m2 building in the Sart Tilman Science Park, with the aim of bringing all its production together by 2022.

EyeD Pharma will raise another €35 million in addition to the €70 million already raised.

Positioning for long-term growth and job creation for the region, the start-up, which currently employs 65 people, plans to hire around 20 more people this year.

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