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Fairwind, the compact, vertical wind turbine

Fairwind, which develops 10 to 50KW vertical axis wind turbines for SMEs and farms, is already the leader in its field in Belgium. Its historic founder, Philippe Montironi, and its new CEO and shareholder, Vincent Boon Falleur, now aim to make the Henribourg start-up the benchmark for "small" vertical axis wind turbines in Europe.

In 2007, Walloon entrepreneur Philippe Montironi entered the renewable energy sector and founded Fairwind, which offers farmers and SMEs in the surrounding area the opportunity to produce and consume their own green electricity using "small" vertical axis wind turbines.

To date, Fairwind has installed 45 wind turbines with a capacity of 1MW, and 20 projects are underway. Fairwind's wind turbines are also sold by the energy company Engie. Its 2019 turnover was 2 million euros and this summer, Seneffe's small team developed plans to expand internationally. Its new shareholder, Vincent Boon Falleur, who comes from the banking sector and has vast experience as a consultant in China, has joined Philippe Montironi at the head of the company. His aim is to develop the company's commercial ambitions by installing 50 to 100 wind turbines every year starting in 2025, i.e. five to ten times more than today. "It's very ambitious, but it's doable. We have a plan," commented Vincent Boon Falleur, co-CEO of Fairwind.

Foreign buyers should soon see the benefits of this "compact" wind turbine, which bears no resemblance to the wind turbines that can be seen in our countryside. Fairwind's two products are two vertical axis wind turbine models, one standing 18 metres above ground (10kW) and the other 32 metres (55kW). They represent an investment of approximately 100,000 and 200,000 euros respectively. "We offer a return on investment within five to ten years for a product that has a life span of around 20 years," said Philippe Montironi. Designed from aluminium, these wind turbines also have the great advantage of being 100% recyclable.

Fairwind has already sold one wind turbine in Zurich and another in Saudi Arabia. "A project to install a wind turbine in Antarctica is underway," said Vincent Boon Falleur.


Source: l'Echo

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