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Legast’s milky chocolate chips have received an intern. award

Rio Kubali by Thibaut Legast and Patricia Ferrero has received the silver medal at the renowned International Chocolate Awards. This is yet another award for this couple, who are united by a love of chocolate. Their talent and craftsmanship has already received numerous awards internationally.

This 50% cocoa milk couverture chocolate, which is known as “Rio Kubali”, “coats our pralines, which are the base for our milk chips with dried fruit,” explains Patricia. This is entirely produced in their workshop. “In the past, we made sweets with more standard chocolate, which we ordered,” admits Thibaut Legast. “Then, a few months ago, we made this crazy gamble to do everything ourselves. We’re very happy because this reward is for a lot of work.”

Indeed, this Rio Kubali chocolate is the result of a long process, starting with the sourcing of beans in Nicaragua, all the way up to the roasting process in the Braine-le-Comte workshop. “We collaborate closely with the logistics operator and the individual responsible for the fermentation process,” explains Patricia Ferrero. “We wanted this chocolate to be different, with a few powerful notes that do not overpower the other ingredients in the sweets. We were able to find a good balance: it’s strong, natural and well-rounded all at the same time. There are also some notes of lightly caramelised black olives.”

You will soon be able to taste it in bar form as well. “The couverture chocolate is used for all applications, such as moulds and coatings,” Thibaut continues. “However, we want to sell it in a nice packaging, which is still being developed. While we’re waiting, we are offering a free sample to customers all week – just say ‘Rio Kubali’ at the counter.” This is also a great way to celebrate the reopening of their fully renovated boutique on Rue de la Station. Don’t hesitate – go try these milky chocolate chips !


Source : La DH et La Nouvelle Gazette

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