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Les Belges Histoires | Valérie Barkowski, a timeless nomad

Les Belges Histoires | Valérie Barkowski

Designer, stylist, decorator... While Valérie Barkowski spreads her style all around the world, with workshops from New York to Marrakech, creating brands and concepts in a number of countries, Valérie also takes inspiration from the world and its ancestral techniques and cultures. The stylist who grew up facing the North Sea, constantly dreaming of travel, discovered Morocco in 1991. It was a shock: culture, colours, odours, ancient techniques, relationship to time and people... Everything was new and everything attracted her. She decided to settle in Marrakech and renovated a riad, Dar Kawa, which would become her home, a showcase for her pared-back style and a guest house. Her collaboration with Moroccan craftsmen led to the creation of a number of brands: Mia Zia and V. Barkowski, which can be found in her workshop-boutique VB Store in the heart of the Medina. 
But Morocco is not the only country that inspires the designer. From her journeys and encounters, she always takes the essence of beauty, thanks to her curiosity about traditional techniques, but also people - those who produce and those who use her creations. On the fringes of her luxury brand of home textiles, Bandit Queen, which she created from start to finish, she can be found in India with the brand No-Mad 97% India, aimed at Indian consumers, offering a stylish new look for their everyday items. 
She will continue to surprise us, led by an insatiable curiosity, a keen eye, a passion for timeless style and a philosophy that integrates the human and the environment. Artistic director for brands such as Lafayette Maison, Ligne Roset, Nuxe, AM.PM (La Redoute) and magazines: Libre essentielle (magazine), Le Figaro Madame (magazine)… stylist and interior designer; Valérie Barkowski has experienced some wonderful journeys.



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