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Les Belges Histoires | Yaël Nazé, lighting up the stars

Les Belges Histoires | Yaël Nazé

At the age of 12, Yaël Nazé already knew that she would be an astrophysicist! After spending her childhood nights in Borinage scanning the sky to recognise the constellations with the naked eye, she sent a letter to the astrophysicist Jean-Marie Vreux to find out how to make her dream come true... He became her teacher and in 2004, she brilliantly defended her doctoral thesis on massive stars, of which she is now a world-renowned specialist. 

The multi-award-winning astrophysicist, and researcher at the FNRS, works at the LiSRI (Liège Space Research Institute) of the University of Liège. She is collaborating on the creation of new observation satellites. But Yaël Nazé is also passionate about sharing and transmitting. This is evident in her lectures at the University of Liège, where her passion and enthusiasm win the support of students from all over the world who come to work with her - although she is regularly invited to share her knowledge around the world.

But, like the ever-expanding universe, her desire to share does not stop with her audience. Yaël Nazé, like all researchers of course, is also the author of numerous publications, but above all, to date, of 12 general interest books that brilliantly demonstrate the role of astronomy in our history and culture. She also gives public lectures during which she hopes to see stars in the eyes of her audience. 

Yes, for Yaël Nazé, the stars and our knowledge of them always remain the priority, whether they are shining in our eyes or in space.


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