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Mons 2015 and its 5 new museums

Five new museums for the European Capital of Culture 2015

Not the European Capital of Culture for 2015, Mons has treated itself to five brand new museums to complement the entertainment and activities scheduled and the city's existing museums. Each of the five new museums is unique, which will delight all audiences.

The Artothèque: the museum of museums

An original project, the Artothèque is a veritable museum of museums. At the heart of the old, completely renovated Ursulines chapel, you will find the virtual collections of the riches that are not being exhibited in the other museums. The old chapel has transformed itself into a remembrance venue. It has also become a showcase promoting the trades and professions that are necessary for museums to function but that often go unappreciated.

The musée du Doudou: the home of Mons' beating heart

It's simple really: without the Doudou Mons would not be Mons. The Doudou, is the collection of festivities that take place during the Ducasse, which is a UNESCO Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage. The musée du Doudou introduces visitors to the battle between Saint George and the dragon; the procesison of the Car d’Or and its influence on the year ahead for the city. This popular celebration which lasts several days marries folklore and religion, beliefs and history. It is full of local cultural riches that will make your visit unforgettable.

The Belfry

The Belfry, a listed UNESCO monument, is the only baroc-style belfry in Belgium. This year, in line with the Mons 2015 festivities, the belfry has a new museum that will tell you its history and how its 49 bells have punctuated the daily lives of the people of Mons since 1672. The cherry on top of the cake is an exterior lift made of glass, that gives you an unbeatable view as you climb to the top of the belfry.

Mons memorial museum (MMM)

The MMM, Mons Memorial Museum pays homage to all those whose daily lives were turned upside down by war. Men, women, soldiers... so many witnesses whose history is revealed through day-to-day objects, letters, notebooks. When you leave the MMM you will better appreciate how war changes a city.

SILEX’S Neolithic flint mines in Spiennes

The SILEX’S Neolithic flint mines in Spiennes is an extraordinary site: 100 hectares of flint mines that have been only a stone's throw from Mons, since the dawn of time. More specifically since the Neolithic age. UNESCO was not wrong to include this venue as a world heritage site in 2000. The mines are still accessible today, although visits are limited to 5500 people per year. Despite this, the SILEX'S brand new interpretation center lets you discover the flint mines of Spiennes through a complete and thoroughly informative experience.

Mons belfry, an exceptional Baroc monument (c) WBT-Gregory Mathelot
Saint-George slaying the dragon during the Doudou festival (c) WBT-Gregory Mathelot

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