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More than 200 new destinations from Liege Airport

This year, passenger transport from Liege Airport has developed significantly. Indeed, the British airline bmi regional has chosen Liege Airport to open a new regular line between Liège and Munich, the capital of Bavaria. Bmi will operate flights in partnership with Lufthansa. It is the first daily connection for Liège Airport.

With Munich Airport being one of the largest hubs in Europe in terms of the number of destinations and transfer facilities, this connection will enable quick and easy access from Liège to more than 200 destinations around the world.

In addition to this initial expansion of passenger traffic, on 1st May, the company VLM Airlines will also be launching regular flights between Liege Airport and Nice, Avignon, Venice and Bologna airports.

Liege Airport has been chosen for its ease of access, comfort and rapid boarding capacity. It is the perfect partner for the two companies.

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