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Nethys conquering new foreign markets

In late December, Nethys (formerly Tecteo) modified its Articles of Association in order to make acquisitions and partnerships abroad and strengthen its growth. Thus, this is the first time that the Liège-based company has taken part in a royal mission. Wanting to build partnerships in the telecoms, media and energy sectors, Nethys is currently creating a new department responsible for identifying opportunities for mergers or acquisitions in Belgium and abroad. Its director, Stéphane Moreau, will accompany Princess Astrid to Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

"There are projects, particularly in the energy sector that are interesting to consider in the countries involved in the mission", he declared to L'Echo. Last year, the company bought Elicio (formerly Electrawinds) an Ostend-based company which manages wind farms in Wallonia, Flanders and France. It also handles projects in Serbia and Romania along with four offshore projects along the Belgian coast.

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