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Revatis is venturing into the US market

The former University of Liège spin-off, Revatis, based in Marche-en-Famenne and specialising in cellular therapies for horses, has established itself in Texas thanks to Texas A&M University. Currently part of the delegation on a technology mission conducted by AWEX, Revatis intends to launch fully on the American market within two years.

Revatis has developed and patented an innovative and less invasive technique to extract stem cells from horses. These stem cells can be stored or used to treat horses suffering from muscular, bone or tendon injuries.

These types of injuries are the primary cause of poor form in race horses. 30 to 40% of horses suffer from musculoskeletal issues during their lifetime according to Didier Serteyn, Founder and Scientific Advisor at Revatis.

"Revatis has chosen Texas not only because it is the U.S. State that has the largest number of horses but also because of the partnerships already established by AWEX with the Texas A&M University", explains Didier Serteyn. And, he continues, "It is very difficult for a small Walloon company to break into the United States. AWEX's special relationship with Texas has enabled us to achieve this".

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