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Tessares awarded at the 2015 Broadband World Forum

Based in Louvain-la-Neuve, Tessares, a software developer of Multipath TCP (MPTCP) access bonding solutions which significantly improve customers’ internet experience by providing more speed more consistently, has won the 2015 Broadband World Forum Highly Commended Award for perfecting the MPTCP technology.

Tessares has set up a new technology that will enable all users of internet not only to have access to a single network but also to have several accesses available simultaneously. The Tessares’ software solution, proposing a combination of resources xDSL, LTE, cable and Wifi will offer a better quality connection to a larger number of users. In this way, their aim is to create a faster connection, the bandwidth being the sum of the bandwidth of the bonded access networks, more mobile, switching from a network to another, more secured and more resilient to outages. This firm, improving the “Multipath TCP technology” is currently financed by the investment fund VIVES II, the Louvain Technology Fund and by Proximus, which contribution goes well beyond financial support, also offering a technological participation to the program.

This start-up had been rewarded during the 15th edition of the “Broadband World Forum Awards” which took place in London on October 21. The Broadband World Forum, the founder of the competition, is internationally renowned as an organizer of events in the fields of telecoms, medias and technology. Composed of 300 speakers from all over the world, the staff organizes more than 35 conferences a year and an exhibition of 3 days, during which interviews, demonstrations and presentations of 130 exhibitors showing the last innovations in the different sectors are planned.

The “Broadband World Forum Awards” attributes different prizes, classified into 8 categories, in which 2 winners are rewarded between 5 candidates. This trophy offers an acknowledgement of excellence in the Boadband Market, being evidence of a leadership in the industry at the international level. It is also a reward to the staff and it impresses the clients, current as well as potential.

During this 15th edition, the spin-off of the UCL won the« Highly Commended » prize in the field of « Greatest Advancement in the Field of Fixed Mobile Convergence », after the Deutsche Telekom AG - Hybrid Access et and before Korea Telecom (Giga LTE), ZTE (plate-form for optimization of the delivery of packets in OTN), Alcatel-Lucent (rapport CTS-Converged Telephony Server), or even Airtel Kenya (project of connection of Nairobi).

Tesseras’ participation to this contest essentially aimed to increase their visibility and credibility in the Broadband internet sector but also to establish contacts with potential clients and partners. By the way it is already done, Ericsson and Intel/Lantiq as well as numerous other operators from Europe, North America, Asia and Oceania are from now on interested in this new technology.


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