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ULg-Texas A&M : agreement for an environmental project in Morocco

Eric Haubruge, vice-recteur de l'université de Liège

During a Walloon technology mission led by AWEX, the University of Liège (ULg) and Texas A&M University will join forces on a project for a research and development platform in Morocco in the field of soil fertilization and water management.

The two universities will be joined by a Belgian company specialising in phosphates which is already well established in Morocco, as well as a Moroccan company and university.

"The aim is to offer Morocco new types of crops and new developments in terms of agriculture and water management", explains Eric Haubruge, First Vice-Rector of ULg.

Texas A&M is a preferred partner for the Walloon University. The Texan University is renowned for its excellence in research and development and has many research facilities across the State of Texas.

The mission conducted by AWEX will also enable the ULg to identify new areas for collaboration with Texas A&M in the space and health sectors.

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