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VivaTech: Big Boy Systems at the Manpowergroup lab

The unique concept of a 3D camera coupled with a binaural sound recording has won over the human resources and labour giant.

Big Boy Systems has been selected for Manpowergroup's "Design the future of human resources" challenge. They are seeking to link the demand for specific qualified profiles from companies with the available talent. Current workforce development, bootcamp and training programmes are proving insufficient in bridging the gap.

Julien De Mesmaeker, Marketing & Sales, explains why they were chosen. "At Big Boy Systems, we are working on a knowledge-sharing solution by allowing experts to immerse their apprentices directly in their own experience. To do this, we have developed and patented an immersive camera that copies your vision and hearing identically, using 3D and binaural sound recording. The expert simply places the camera on their forehead to transmit their experience remotely to their viewers, from their working environment. It is all broadcast live or as a recording. We are the only ones to combine 3D video capture and binaural sound recording in a single device."

Their device meets the current needs of companies and trainers looking for new solutions to teach effectively. To be transmitted perfectly, expertise requires time, repetition and access to specific conditions. And today, it is more challenging than ever for education professionals to maintain excellence while having to adapt to new situations.

"We are very happy to have been selected. This demonstrates the relevance of the tool we are developing, and the concrete need for innovative knowledge transmission methods on the part of large groups", adds Julien De Mesmaeker.