You are here, a portal reinvented and even closer to you !

Wallonia is breaking down distances and borders with a more suitable digital system. We are now even more accessible and available to you.

Just like Wallonia, which has shown its dynamism and creativity over the last few months, has been redesigned, inspired by your new habits, our new communication methods and the way we envisage interacting today.

More practical, more direct and simpler, has evolved to better meet your needs and expectations. This is an important and visible achievement that will allow us to get in touch even more easily and create even more beautiful stories together.

This important step is the first in a more global approach that will be applied to all our platforms. Because wherever you are in the world, our foreign representations will also be equipped with new platforms that will benefit from these important developments. 

In addition to fully redesigned ergonomics for mobile phones, the new site will also allow almost "instant" response times to your requests. Clearer, simpler presentation of information in a more functional design!

So feel free to have a look around and continue to share your user experience with us!

We will remain at your side to reflect together on the best way to plan the future with you.

Let us know your opinion - it interests and inspires us !