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Walloon initiatives in the face of the Covid crisis

BioWin, the Walloon health cluster, has put together a compendium of the most noteworthy initiatives taken (or under development) in Wallonia in response to the Covid-19 crisis. As the pandemic is still ongoing, this list is not exhaustive and will evolve over time, but it has the merit of reflecting the incredible mobilisation of our ecosystem faced with the challenge this crisis represents for all global health systems.

Faced with this unprecedented health crisis, the governing bodies and members of the Walloon Life Sciences and Health ecosystem have shown remarkable responsiveness, agility and creativity in their response to the pandemic. Universities as well as companies, large and small, have come together and proposed creative solutions to the many issues arising from the crisis, through numerous national and international collaborations and initiatives.

BioWin is the benchmark player in the field of health biotechnology and medical technologies in Wallonia. It brings together all the Walloon players involved at every stage of research, development and production of innovative products and services: academic and clinical research laboratories, approved research centres, major industrial groups, SMEs, service providers, universities and colleges, incubators, investors, authorities and associated administrations. It is on this basis that during the current pandemic the cluster has helped to quickly activate Walloon resources, identify the skills and talents needed for the projects initiated and facilitate collaboration between the different players.

Through this compendium, the cluster wanted to provide an overall picture of these initiatives "in order to give an account of the efforts, and the exceptional spirit of innovation and collaboration of all the players involved".

=> Discover BioWin's compendium on the mobilisation of the members of the Walloon ecosystem to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

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