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In a few days' time, the honorary titles of Woman of Peace 2018 will be presented at the Belgian Senate, and this has prompted me to share my story, as I was nominated myself in 2016.

Without Wallonia and the inhabitants of my municipality, I would never have been able to obtain the honorary title of Woman of Peace in December 2016, which was followed by a meeting with the King and Queen of Belgium in March 2017.

In effect, Wallonia is a place where the inhabitants have a sense of sharing. Below are some examples that have strengthened my social commitment:

My husband and I collected the equivalent of a container of textbooks from the municipal school in Bonlez, for an orphanage in Haiti.

We also received about a hundred items of clothing from a member of the public for newborn girls and boys that were distributed to pregnant women at a large prison in Kinshasa, Congo.

Not to mention the tons of clothes, toys, school bags, shoes, and books received from a local non-profit organisation in Chaumont-Gistoux, as well as from private individuals. These various donations were distributed to orphanages in Congo, Côte d'Ivoire, Guinea and Tanzania.

At a charity concert organised for the benefit of a non-profit organisation working for healthcare in Congo, we raised a sum of money that made it possible to cover the healthcare costs of pregnant women in Congo who had to undergo caesarean sections. The church of Bonlez opened its doors for the occasion, and we had the support of a Walloon musician as well as the inhabitants of the municipality of Chaumont-Gistoux.  In the same spirit, HRH Princess Claire of Belgium, who is from Chaumont-Gistoux, granted us her high patronage for this event.

Furthermore, several Walloon women were quick to offer their testimony to encourage other women looking for jobs or professional reorientation.

Finally in 2016, thanks to this stay in my continent, I came face to face with certain realities and I set up coherent social actions for disadvantaged children and women.

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Thank you Wallonia for giving me the opportunity to spread our values beyond borders


Founder of Coaching Academy

Founder of Coaching Academy

Reception of women of peace at the Royal Palace
Donations from the inhabitants of Wallonia
Coaching for women in the market in Ivory Coast
Presentation of the honorary title of Woman of Peace in the Senate in Belgium


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