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As a 30 year-old Belgian of Congolese origin, I arrived in Wallonia at the age of 18 to pursue my higher education studies.

Having completed these studies, I worked for ten years in various multinational companies based in Wallonia and Brussels.

In 2016,  I was able to carry out a mission in the Ivory Coast for a Walloon company.

Having gained so much from this experience, I decided to move to the Ivory Coast, where I now share my experience with young people as a lecturer in international trade, export logistics, entrepreneurship, leadership and marketing at a European Business Institute and an American university.

In the Ivory Coast, I was fortunate to meet another brand ambassador.With the intention of giving my lectures the practical touch, he agreed to receive my students as interns at his office.

As a result, these interns were able to familiarise themselves with the Belgian economic fabric. They carried out market studies and prospecting in order to help Belgian companies intending to export to the Ivory Coast, or set up there.

The Belgian Chamber of Commerce in Abidjan also agreed to open its doors to one of my students.

Finally, during the Belgian princely economic mission to the Ivory Coast in October, AWEX entrusted me with the organisation of B2B meetings between Belgian companies and Ivorian companies, or companies based there. This gave me the opportunity to involve my students from the Ivory Coast, Mali and Ghana, who worked voluntarily as liaison officers during the princely mission.

It was a very fulfilling experience, not only on a professional level but also on a human level. We were able to experience and put into practice the values of Wallonia, which are sharing and openness to the world!

Here are a few short words from some of our young people, I invite you to watch the video below:

Has that convinced you? Would you also like to give a young person living in the Ivory Coast the opportunity to discover even more about the Walloon economic fabric, or make it possible for them to enjoy their first professional experience, with a Belgian flavour?

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Entretien du Ministre Reynders avec les étudiants
L'Ambassadeur belge en Côte d'Ivoire son Excellence Huges Chantry avec les officers de liaison
Guillaume de Bassompierre et une stagiaire AWEX
Deux stagiaires de l'AWEX, l'une d'origine malienne et l'autre d'origine ghanéenne
Guillaume de Bassompierre et nos étudiantes qui ont assuré le secrétariat
L'équipe des officiers de liaison de la mission
Gestion des rendez-vous B2B
Gestion d'un séminaire thématique de la mission
Une attention particulière à ce jeune qui a tenu à participer malgré une situation familiale compliquée.
Gestion d'un évènement organisé par la Wallonie lors de la mission


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