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Niky Terzakis - TNT
Niky Terzakis, Managing Director - TNT
Niky Terzakis - TNT

"The Liège site won out following an analysis based on 57 key criteria."


It was in March 1998 that TNT Express decided to open a European hub at Liège. The basis for this decision was strong growth combined with a lack of space at the Cologne site where the company had been located until then. But that’s not all. Niky Terzakis, Managing Director: «We wanted to create a super-hub and the Liège site won out following an analysis based on 57 key criteria. On top of this, the local authorities demonstrated a genuine desire to develop cargo activities. And here we found a site which enabled us to expand. Wallonia is attractive because of its location, at the crossroads of several major countries. The region has a rich history and a high quality of life, which contribute to attracting foreign investors.»

On the development side, the company has a full agenda. Niky Terzakis: «We are in particular going to develop intercontinental connections from Liège. And especially to Asia: China, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Delhi etc. This is where growth is being seen at the moment. And additionally, this year we are buying three new Boeing 747 ultra-long haul aircraft, very quiet and with low fuel consumption. They will be delivered in July.»


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